A Vision

Frank Ansell is a traditional indigenous healer (nungkari) and lawman from the Eastern Arrernte desert country in Central Australia. He offers nungkari aboriginal healings and wisdom teachings from aboriginal dreamtime and culture to support individuals, leaders and workplaces to open to altjerre or spirit.
Supported by his family, the intent is to invite you to meet with the power of the land and connect to your own infinite potential. Now more than ever, it is so important for our healing and integration with the evolution of consciousness and planet earth, to take responsibility for our own, our country's and the earth's healing.
In this modern world we have a calling; to align with the Dreamtime and give our respect to the custodians of the land. 

The experiences in Arrernte and with Frank will open you up to the power and sacred connection Aboriginal people have to spirit and to earth.

Not only will your experience change you, it will help enable Aboriginal people of Austalia to be recognised for who they truly are, and the power and purity of their connection to spirit - to life - to be acknowledged and respected.


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