In gratitude and with respect

I give my thanks

For I am truly blessed

For the reflections

And the knowledge you shared

I feel deeply cared for

And I know that I am held

 Poem byAdrian D'Aprano MORE POEMS BELOW

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Two Poems by Sara Phillips.


1. Corroboree Rock

A place of insight
of deep inner wisdom
of soul spirits
giving you direction
Pointing you in the right way
'Where do I go?' I say
& the whispered reply is
'here, here, here'
I'm OK
just as I am
no longer
needing direction
just a letting go
a being
a healing
a free spirit!

2. To Frankie

I arrive with a thumping headache
a backpack full of medicine and vitamins
and a head full of worry
 The first thing I say to you
is 'I hope I'm packing this right?'
And you tell me
'there is no right
or wrong way!!!'
'Just do it your way'
you reassure me
and I know
I'm in safe hands
We arrive at Emily Gap
& In that glorious space
we put on the oil we need
and you make the sound of the wind
as you cleanse our souls
& I can feel the tension begin
to let go
My headache is faint
my body sways
& I smile
Then we walk to your Grandfather tree
the place where your father was born
& you say
'this tree will take away everything negative
and only give back the positive you need'
And as I place
my weary forehead
on the old man tree
I feel its cool embrace
its warm acceptance
and any pain is washed away
and my body is clear & free
I feel so happy & honoured
to be back in your country
back with your healing & wisdom
back to where my ancient spirit belongs
back to being me
and being joyous
the free spirit that I am
It is that simple!
Your Magic Oil
Your tree
Your 'keep it simple' philosophy
& I think
if this is all I do
just this at the beginning of a 4 day retreat
I have got what I came for
Thank you Frankie
for your warm acceptance
for your generosity
for your permission to be who I am
 to heal myself
with a thought, a tree & some oil
Your healing & wisdom is true magic
& I hope your dream of a healing centre
comes true soon!

Suburbia to the Desert (by Rick Slager)

  Stripping, I hurry
To tear the constraints
Jacket, tie, shoes, socks
That keep me small enough to scurry,
Chase and contribute
To the grime on the asphalt.
Shirt, belt, pants, jocks.
Shucking my rat suit to grow
Into the expanse of the desert.
Wading into the ancient river bed
Hot sands purl at my waist,
Eroding the fraudulent delusion.
I reach with the Ghost Gum
Spread wide for the sun
My mind altering
In the depth of the sky.
My feet stride deep
With the roots of the Red Gum
Finding the cool water
The wisdom of the Rainbow Snake
Gurgling deep through Country.

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