Offerings & Services

Healing Retreats
Go to events for retreat program. Privately arranged or workplace retreats are also offered.

Conference events
Frank and Sue are available to speak at conference events.
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Individual Healing
Healings for people with issues affecting body, mind and spirit.
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Distance healing
Distance healing by phone or skype.
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House cleansing
Bring fresh energy into your home to re-energise your and your family's health.
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'Smoking' offices and health care facilities
Clear toxic vibrations form the office or cleanse the area where people have been sick or  passsed over.
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Land Clearing
If something about your land doesn't feel right you may be right. Let Frank clear the spirits of the land.
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Watch Frank speaking about how to do a smoking ceremony:

Day Visits to country
Frank will  take you, your friends or family to Arrente land close to Alice Springs.
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Distance healing:
"There are many things we experience that we are unable to explain, and the receipt of a vibrational healing at long distance is one of these things.  Sue and Frank have sent me several healings over the past months as I recovered from a particularly stressful time that resulted in one minor illness after another.  I don't understand how it works, but I do know that these healings left me able to sleep for long periods in order to recover - and that I felt better after they were experienced.  I would like to express my thanks to both Sue and Frank."
      Josie McLean, BEc, Grad Dip Mgt. PCC, MAICD, MAHRI, 
                              Principal Coach, The Partnership.

"To me watching Sue and Frank deliver their craft and innovative material was like witnessing a dance between age old wisdom and the modern invention of coaching."
      Maree Forbes

"Frank and Sue presented one of the most inspiring and informative sessions of the Conference and in doing so, created an atmosphere of true learning and great respect for the work they are doing together."
     Gayle Hardie, Global Leadership Foundation
"I know that it is not always easy for Frank to bring his healing work to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal worlds. I was touched by the impact he had on so many at our conference."
     David Drake, PhD



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