Nigel Patterson has given us this testimonial  by sharing his experience at the Healing Retreat in September.

Reflections on my trip to Alice Springs
12-16 September, 2011 by Nigel Patterson

"Having travelled and spent time with many indigenous communities in Africa, USA, South America, Asia and Australia, the experiences all have one thing in common: they each provide for me a means to be able to 'come home' to my heart.

Spending time with Frank Ansell of the Arrente mob, an indigenous healer (nungkari), in central Australia was no different.  Having spent four days with him and his business partner and co-facilitator Sue Gregory of Alice Springs, it was clear that they too provide the same healing space where one may come back home into ones heart."
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"Frank is an incredible human being and spending time with him was a gift.  His tender and loving approach to life, growth, health and change has a simplicity that allows for a deep quality of just "being" to emerge.  This is something that is too often neglected and forgotten in most of our lives. Many elements that we explored will stay with me forever.  I'm deeply grateful for this opportunity."
        Andrea Isaacs
        Creator & President of EnnealMotion 
"Frank Ansell's healing work as a Nungkari is courageous and I am really proud of him.  At a recent workshop the participants had nothing but praise for him and were extremely impressed. He is very valuable to the Arrernte mob because of his cultural knowledge.  He has been there for me and I recommend him to anyone interested in cultural and Aboriginal healing."
                    Bob Randall,
                    Tjuli Elder, International  speaker, teacher and songwriter.

"After a red spider bite, and receiving anti-viral treatment at the hospital the effects of the bite worsened.  When I received a healing from Frank, together with his creams, it cleared up in 10 minutes. He has also spoken with my drug and alchohol clients at Arrernte House where his talk and treatments made a big impact."
                         Anne Saunders

"Frank Ansell, Arrernte medicine man, is knowledgeable in cultural law, and strong in bush medicine, and is a fellow I trust.  I had seen physios and masseurs for my shoulder but one session with black fellow healing from Frank and it was cleared, right as rain."
   Allan Randall,   
   Aboriginal Remote 
Mental Health Worker.

"I have had the privilege of spending a day with Frank Ansell. It was a day of healing, ease and magic.  When you first meet with Frank, it takes you a while to come back from the depth of his eyes, then you get lost again into his smile.  Even his walk is different, it seems that each step anchors him deep into the earth.

I have met very talented therapists, meeting Frank was my first encounter with a true healer. What he did during my one on one session, I only remember bits, all I know is I am changed as I now feel, see and live my life in a different way.  I am looking forward to my next meeting with Frank."
           Ghislaine Bouskila
           Kinesiologist & Rebirther Breathworker

Frank held a space for me in a most loving, unconditional and non-judgemental way like I have never experienced before.  I do feel utterly blessed to be welcomed into his land and given a healing experience of such power.
                  Adrian D'Aprano



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