What is nungkari healing?

For over 40,000 years Nungkaris, or traditional Aboriginal healers, played an important role maintaining the health of nomadic, Aboriginal communities who lived in harsh, desert environments where resilience was essential to survival.

With the introduction of western medical practices across Australia, the role of the Nungkaris began to dwindle.  Indeed, their knowledge and skills are at risk of being lost.

Fortunately for now, there are pockets where ancient healing practices of the world's oldest continuing culture

are still in use by Nungkaris.

Such is the case of the Eastern Arrernte people where Frank Ansell and members of his family still actively practice this ancient art in juxtaposition with the modern world.

The work of the Nungkari may involve healing to improve the health of individuals, cleansing buildings or special sites and looking after country.& Nungkaris are known for their powers to send healing over distance.

 The work Frank does in his local indigenous community is mostly voluntary.The intent of this website is to make the work of Nungkari's accessible to non-indigenous people who value healing and Australian Aboriginal culture.

This in turn supports Frank to work with his own people.

To listen to Frank explain about traditional Indigenous Australian healing (nungkari work), please watch this video:

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